Smith V3.10

24/08/2015 15:33

I described an application of software Smith V3.10 in my article  ”40 meters band Vertical Dipole” (these pages). This software (also useful for modeling and calculation of antenna matching networks) is still available on - WEB pages of professor Dellsperger from Bern University (Switzerland). I think that the software can be very useable for us - radio amateurs. Further information is on the mentioned WEB pages (also in "Help for Smith V3.10"



I use OS Windows 10  in my PC now. I had OS Windows 8 (8.1) before (when I wrote the article). Smith V3.10 works well also under Windows 10. I must repeat: it is really very useful for example for modeling and calculation of antenna matching networks.


Additional remark:

I could not take part in Ham Fest Holice 2015 (last weekend) because of some  healthy problems (I am a little old now unfortunately ……). So please excuse my absence this year. I hope I will visit the Fest next year and I will report on it.