About me

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I have been a HAM since 1961 (SWL OK1-21336) when I was a boy. I obtained my first HAM license (OL1AAG) in 1964 and my nowadays callsign (OK1DN) in 1966. In 1972 I took part in a HAM operation from Mongolia (JT0KOK). Later I had a long break until 2000. I have been active on HAM bands again since that year.


I was born in Prague in 1947 (in former Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic now). I am already retired (electro engineer). I have been married for about 39 years (now in August 2012) and have 2 adult sons. I frequently work on HAM bands from my QTH - my country cottage and lot - located in a forest about 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) south from the city border (south south west exactly – LOC: JN79DT). Because of the fact that I am retired now I can live there most time over year.