My look at HAM bands

15/10/2010 13:00

Because of the date of my birth I have seen and remembered something. My personal feeling is that now there are less radio amateur stations on the bands than it used to be. I understand that it is a different era at the beginning of the 21st century than it was for example in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  The young generation has lots of other opportunities now, there are new problems etc. 

The DX cluster which is very useful on one side is problematic on the other side (many HAM station operators look at the cluster most time and therefore do not operate on the bands). The Sun Minimum lasts too long as well.

The Internet , IP telephony, so called social networks and other „digital“ tools (with their worldwide impact) exist now. These all are big competitors for the HAM operation. 

In spite of that I believe:  HAM radio can survive. This is my answer when somebody asks me why I am a radio amateur nowadays:“I can either visit local very good pub “U Fantoma” (in village Nova Ves pod Plesi) and order a wild boar leg there (the Internet) or hunt personally a wild boar in a forest (our HOBBY)”. Many people understand it.   I also know a few young HAMs, very good operators and enthusiasts for radio amateuring.  I think that everything depends on our activity and example. Our HOBBY could be modified but for example HAM SPIRIT should be here for ever ....... .

Vasek, OK1DN