Logger32 - DXCC database

31/01/2016 16:14

I use Logger32 in my HAM shack (version 3.48.1 – the program by K4CY). This very comfortable logging program works very well under OS Windows 10. Information (including free download) is available on www.logger32.net . I must admit in relation with this that I am not able to read manuals (generally) in detail (I am not patient enough – “hi”). My following (only one) problem with the Logger32 was likely described in the manual (right procedure). But my experience with that could be useful for some HAMs.

The problem was with DXCC database when some uncommon prefixes or callsigns were used on the side of DX stations (especially French DX, like TO6E, TX5X, TX6G, another example from last years: NH8S /KH8/ and so on).  Lastly – VP8STI and VP8SGI (South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia Island) used VP8 prefix. In this case “clear” VP8 means Falkland Islands. The alternative callsigns or prefixes must be registered in a program database before logging DX-pedition QSO! Then it would be registered in the program database in a right way (like VP8\SA and VP8\G).  

So the used procedure was following

Tools, database maintenance, Country/Prefixes  maintenance (South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia Island in the country database maintenance sheets), then put Alternative prefixes (or callsign in this case) in the respective sheet and click Add …. Again: It had to be done before DX-pediton QSO was logged !

I did it as described above and the right other DXCC countries were registered  as worked (W) in Awards / DXCC database (VP8\SA and VP8\G,  in this case – by the way my new ones).

If somebody has any question about my experience please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail.