My QRP operation

10/06/2017 14:30


Propagation Conditions (especially for DX) are very poor nowadays (SFI has been under 79, there are almost no spots on the Sun, MUF about 16,5 MHz etc.). I am afraid that it will last over life of my generation.  But fortunately - I have worked with about 325 DXCC countries from this QTH (it should be enough for me) and mainly I discovered the charm of QRP operation. Now I operate my RETRO TX QRP (home made, with vacuum tubes) frequently on 7 and 3,5 MHz.  I also use the receiver of TRX IC7410 for QRP receiving. 

Almost all CW QSOs are inside of Europe of course but 5 Watts of QRP are not too many. I must say that I enjoy these contacts as they used to be for me about 50 years ago (when I was very young).  Thanks to God.

So I hope to meet you on QRP and 72 (wishes of the best QRP contacts).