Ionograms / My QTH in January 2013

27/01/2013 13:28

The Topical Sun Activity is not too strong. It seems that the Maximum of  the 24-cycle already happened, unfortunately. Also because of that fact nowadays I am interested in Ionograms which are available on the Internet from Pruhonice u Prahy Observatory (by the way not far from my QTH). The Ionograms are especially useful for so named NVIS (near vertical incidence skywaves) radio communications. For HAMs - in a little wider meaning from hundreds to let say 1500 kilometers of the Earth distance between transmitter and receiver (antennas with high vertical angles of radiation).  Here: QSOs over European continent. I have written an Article on this topic in Czech. I 'd like to translate it into English as soon as possible and put it on my pages. It could be interesting for somebody.


I have also enclosed two photographs  of me and my second operator - little dog Aghaya and my QTH, now – in January 2013. By the way the Winter Weather is common now (for this place and this time in year,  temperature: -12°C in the morning and – 5°C in the afternoon, snow).  You can find the new photographs at the end of the Photogallery.