HOLICE 2013, SFI now

29/08/2013 20:56

I was sorry  I was not able to take part in HAM FEST HOLICE 2013. I had some problems after my injury - it is much better now but I still need about 3 weeks of rehabilitation. Then I am going to visit some other bigger HAM FEST in OK (maybe OM) land over this autumn and I will inform about that on these pages (including some photographs). 

Remark – November 2,  2013

My rehabilitation has taken a little longer time than I expected. Because of that fact now I am going to visit some HAM FESTS (OK, maybe OM land) in next spring (2014).



The SF Index is only 108 today (August 29, 2013). It seems that the maximum of 24th Sun Cycle really already happened in past …….. DX stations are at least on 20, 17 and 15 meters bands now. What to do?  I think that it is probably true: there are worse things in the World. It is only our hobby .............